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Commercial litigation usually involves disputes between businesses, competitors, vendors, former partners or employees.










Criminal Defense, Commercial litigation
The Initial Approach

Commercial litigation can be extremely costly. Perhaps more importantly, it can take years to get to trial for a resolution. Consequently, you need to understand what that means to you, as well as your business.










Commercial litigation includes:
  • Fraud claims: Misrepresentation is often a major issue in a business dispute. There are a range of state and federal laws that directly address deceptive practices.

  • Investor claims: Including fraud, inappropriate advice, omissions, and misrepresentation

  • Suits on notes: In some circumstances it may be beneficial to sue for the amount owed rather than initiate a foreclosure action.

  • Recovery on accounts (Collections)

  • Breach of Contracts

Owner Disputes

Nothing is worse than a deadlocked business. Disputes between Owners, Partners, and various interests can cripple the business and drain any and all profits quickly. Resolving a conflict may entail the exploration of issues such as:










  • Misappropriation of company funds

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Negligent management

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets

Other Business Law Suits

A myriad of other issues may arise when conducting business, including business torts, intellectual property (copyright, patent, and trademark), product liability and Consumer protection concerns, as well as compliance with State and Federal regulations.











If you are engaged in business, it is unfortunate, though likely, that you will eventually find yourself in a legal dispute. When that happens, you need the experienced and knowledgeable advocates at Richland & Falkowski, PLLC. on your side. For any and all business and commercial litigation questions, call us at 212-390-8872.










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