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A New York Real Estate Law Firm on Real Estate Litigation

Richland & Falkowski, New York Real Estate Attorney

Your real estate may be your biggest asset, and at times it can be your biggest liability. Whether you are in a dispute with a neighbor about where to place a fence, defending your home against mortgage foreclosure, or need to foreclose on residential or commercial real property, it is imperative to have experienced counsel diligently protecting your interests.










For Lenders:

  • Suit on the Note or a Mortgage Foreclosure?

We can help you decide.

  • Complicated Mortgage Foreclosure?

That’s what we do. We understand the legal issues facing lenders, and can help you get to a sale.

  • Title Claims?

We handle those too. We can help the title underwriter understand your claim, and how it is hurting your interests. We can also assist you with a suit against the underwriter for breach.

  • Loss Mitigation?

We can help you figure out a viable transaction from a fraud upon you.

For Individuals and Businesses

  • Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling real estate can be confusing. We can help simplify any transaction you intend to make.

  • Refinancing

We can make sense of the documents and help you understand your options.

  • Mechanics’ Liens

We can help you foreclose or enforce your lien.

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Real estate holdings are likely the most significant asset in your portfolio. For your real estate matters, qualified counsel is a must. Call Richland & Falkowski, PLLC. at 212-390-8872










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