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The complexity of modern business requires competent and reputable legal counsel from the time of conception onward.










Business Formation and Start-up

Entity selection (corporation, LLC, partnership) can be confusing. Negotiating the right terms for a lease of space so you can operate your business is just as crucial. You need counsel that can do both.










General Advice

After your business is off the ground, you may need advice regarding contract drafting and review, employment matters, business disputes, intellectual property, and overseeing and maintaining corporate formalities.










Financial Counsel

Effective representation involves more than providing sound legal advice. It requires understanding the nature of business, and challenges of day to day operation. Often, nothing is more challenging than managing the finances of a business. From private debt and equity financing, through the offering of securities, experienced counsel is essential. We understand because we are running our own business. The challenges you face are the same challenges we pride ourselves in staying a step ahead of in the operation of our practice. We understand what you need and can draw from our successes to fashion a solution specifically tailored for your needs.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a term familiar to most, but one without a standard definition. In terms of what is required in a general business law sense, it can be said to consist of at least three facets:


  • Legal due diligence, which involves an investigation of the subject asset and the documentation verifying that information.


  • Financial due diligence includes not only an accurate picture of the current economic health of the subject, but an accurate projection of future revenues and market share is essential as well.


  • Commercial due diligence involves considerations of both legal and financial due diligence to ensure the future well-being of the company.










Winding Down Business

Sometimes, a business may not succeed in becoming profitable. We can help you sell, wrap up operations, liquidate, or dissolve:


  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Sale of the business

  • Asset sale

  • Bankruptcy










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Competent legal representation is not merely a luxury. For any size business in all stages of its development, you can count on the experienced business lawyers at Richland & Falkowski, PLLC. Call today 212-390-8872









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