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Real Estate Litigation


Your real estate may be your biggest asset, and at times it can be your biggest liability. Whether you are in a dispute with a neighbor about where to place a fence, defending your home against mortgage foreclosure, or need to foreclose on residential or commercial real property, it is imperative to have experienced counsel diligently protecting your interests.



Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation usually involves disputes between businesses, competitors, vendors, former partners or employees.


Commercial litigation can be extremely costly. Perhaps more importantly, it can take years to get to trial for a resolution. Consequently, you need to understand what that means to you, as well as your business.


Commercial Transactions & General Corporate Counsel


The complexity of modern business requires competent and reputable legal counsel from the time of conception onward.



Lender & Servicer Representation

Lenders and servicers play critical roles in the completion of a majority of all real estate transactions. With ever increasing regulatory guidelines from local, state and federal authorities, lenders and servicers find themselves under more scrutiny than ever.


Landlord/Tenant Issues

Both landlords and tenants have rights. If a conflict arises, it is important to understand the legal rights, the terms that any written lease provides, and any basic rights either party may have independent of the lease.

Foreclosure Defense

For individuals facing foreclosure, all is not lost. Some lawsuits brought by financial institutions are defective. Additionally, there may be options other than litigation to resolve a deficiency or help you save your home.

Real Estate Transaction

While there are many possible legal issues in real estate transactions, at the end of the day it comes down to making the deal. A qualified real estate attorney who focuses on real estate transactions can help navigate you through the murky waters of complicated paperwork and straight through to the closing of escrow.

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